We are doers. We are believers. We are women.

Our mission is to support others in establishing their own peer mentoring support network so we can have more awesome leading ladies.

Our Story

We are a group of women in leadership positions across a spectrum of industries in Wellington. We believe that professional development shouldn't be limited to the four walls of the office so we come together to support each other in reaching our career goals.

We rotate workplaces, chat about challenges and help each other. It's pretty simple but it works. 

Having played around with a few rules that help to keep us ticking:

  • We have different skills and come from different industries
  • We don't work together nor are we from competing businesses
  • We never invite someone new without a checkin with the group first
  • We are only there if we can be and want to be - it's okay to opt out
  • We require 5 people to be present for a good chat or we postpone
  • We have an agenda but we let conversations go where they need to go

And now we want to help you.  We believe this format works and we want more women to support each other in their careers.  So we're sharing our learnings and helping to set up more groups like ours.  

We'd love to help you establish or join a peer mentoring group. We'll help you so you'll not be alone; we'll even do some match-making!