Embracing change - Taking inspiration from Sarah Frizzell, The Lucky Taco Founder

Last weekend I spent time in Hatepe, on Lake Taupo with one of my favourite Friends, Sarah Frizzell.  4 years ago Sarah left a successful career as a creative in advertising to start up The Lucky Taco with her husband Otis Frizzell.  It was her dream and she had the guts to do it. Something I admire most about her. 

It was a bold move.  Giving up a great career to create and manage a food truck in the middle of an Auckland winter.  But she did it and she did it epically well.


On social media, Sarah & Otis have successfully created an attentive audience and their beautiful Mexican food has won over many fans and accolades.  As far as branding goes, these two have nailed it.  They understand how to build a brand and a loyal following and they've put the hard work into executing excellence in everything they do. 

What I love most about seeing these two succeed is they have genuinely gone after what they want. They've made huge sacrifices, put in the long hours and marketed their butts off.  As a friend, I've had a glimpse of that hard work, the triumphs and tears.  Like the many startups that I'm surrounded by in my current role, it's no easy ride.  This graph often comes up at events around success and it's a favourite of mine and so very very true.


I lived with Sarah over 10 years ago in Edinburgh. Back then she had long brown locks, a very different picture from the funky pink shaved head she is currently rocking.  She was my glamorous friend in advertising. Working and partying hard to help the big brands get bigger. She wasn't much of a foodie then. In fact, I probably wasn't the only one that was a little taken back when she first started cooking.... The Sarah I know now is still the same person but she's made changes to build a life she wants.  She's taken control of her destiny.

What I've loved most is watching Sarah transform herself.  It's empowering to know that if we want to change, we can do it. We can be whoever we want to be and our past is just that.  


We can change our look, our career and develop new passions.  It's only ourselves that stops this. Ourselves and the perception that is often put on us by others to be a certain way.  But stuff everyone else, it's our life after all!

Maybe it's being in my 30's that has given me the confidence to be more of who I want to be.  I know I want to be my own boss. I want to work with people that inspire me to be better, to innovate and make positive change in the world.  I want to work with creatives who have vision and work authentically with their values.  And it's not always easy to find these people.

Sarah at Hatepe giving flyfishing a go in her supercute sportsware :)

Sarah at Hatepe giving flyfishing a go in her supercute sportsware :)

Spending a weekend with Sarah reminds me that it's all possible. It's not going to be pretty all the time and there will always be haters, hardship and doubts. 

But if you want to be the best you can be. Then you've got to embrace change.


Blog by Jessica Manins